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The law firm of Proels & Proels LLC was founded on hard work, professionalism and an unfettering commitment to its clients, and always acting in the best interests of those clients. The two founding members of Proels & Proels LLC, Sebastian E. Proels and Allayne W. Proels, have diverse backgrounds and extensive experience as trial attorneys, both in the civil and criminal arenas.

As a result of their extensive litigation and trial experience, the attorneys at Proels & Proels LLC have developed strong commitments to their clients and a legal focus that consistently makes the best interests of the client and exceptional legal results the firm’s number one priority. In this regard, the firm's attorneys have proven time and time again their dedication to clients and their ability to work constructively with the courts and opposing counsel for the purpose of achieving the best possible outcomes for their clients.

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Allayne W. Proels Attorney Profile