Ohio Criminal Defense Attorneys

Respected and Professional Cleveland Ohio Trial Attorneys

Proels & Proels LLC and its attorneys are qualified and well situated to defend a wide variety of criminal matters. Criminal law embodies a set of rules and regulations with the potential for punishment for failure to comply. Criminal punishment, depending on the offense, may include loss of liberty and/or monetary fines. 

Proels & Proels LLC takes an aggressive and innovative approach to the defense of criminal matters. This Ohio law firm’s professional paradigm entails the view that the client’s best interests must dictate defense strategy, and that a favorable client outcome is often attainable with creative thinking, and aggressive yet professional interaction with prosecuting attorneys and the court. Proels & Proels LLC and its attorneys advise clients in a manner that permits clients to make informed decisions about criminal matters and is geared toward favorably resolving matters that carry the threat of a criminal conviction and its long term repercussions. The attorneys at Proels & Proels LLC have extensive experience in Cleveland criminal defense cases, including traffic offenses, DUI/OVI, misdemeanor offenses, and felony offenses.